Earth Office – answering inspiration’s call.

Earth Office is where the call of nature and work unite – a worldwide challenge to get the world outside, laptops in hand. Work is where the connection is.

At Zorali, it’s our mission to get the world outside. Including ourselves. So, when the call of work started ringing louder than the call of nature, we knew we had to recalibrate. COVID got us working from home, and we got thinking: we can make this happen anywhere. Everywhere.So we hit the road, and we’re still working from our Earth Office – wherever #thejourneycalls.

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Small freedoms for huge benefits.

From Ocean Grove, Victoria, to Bay of Fires, Tasmania, and beyond – at our office of unlimited inspiration, we’re more productive, less stressed, and smiling always. While not all workplaces can offer this level of freedom, short stints in nature can elevate your mood, boost immunity and unleash creativity. So, we’re asking businesses and employees to take up the Earth Office challenge, and get people outside.

Van-life out of the question?
Here are three ways to get started:

1. Workaday challenge

Take: 30–60 minutes.
Think: all-weather walk breaks with colleagues, lunch in a park, an afternoon meeting outdoors.

2. Excursion challenge

Take: 1–2 days.
Think: an office-wide trip to a nearby walking path, sanctuary, reserve, beach or retreat.

3. Location challenge

Take: a few weeks or longer if you have a great boss.
Think: you, working off-site for a day, week, month, or year, somewhere closer to where #thejourneycalls.

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Camplify – making Earth Office dreams realities.

Find out how our good friends at Camplify can help get your Earth Office up and running. A campervan, motorhome and caravan sharing community helping people and organisations get closer to nature.

Get your workplace out there