Imagine an office that provided unlimited inspiration, that actively decreased your stress levels and enhanced your mental health.

Your boss not the outdoorsy type? 

That’s cool. Not every business is so attuned to the sound of the journey calling.

What if we could help you (anonymously, if you’d prefer) convince them that even short stints outside can:

Reduce stress.
Elevate mood.
Increase productivity.
Unleash creativity.

And that taking up the challenge might only take a single lunchbreak.

1. Let us know what are the barriers to outdoors time at your workplace.

2. Share with us the email address of a person in your organisation who might just get the Earth Office wheels rolling.

3. Let us email that person with some persuasive inspo and info on your behalf (or 100% direct from us), and see whether inspiration sticks.

#earthoffice @zorali

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Bottoms to tops, shorts to socks – welcome to basecamp for #EarthOffice.