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Experiencing Nature Anywhere

Photos by Jacob Collings 
Words by Laura Tilley

Laura Tilley is a Tasmanian based meditation teacher, lover of music, honest conversation and adventures.

None of us really anticipated the year we have experienced so far, and as a community, the ongoing pull of the pandemic. The world is currently feeling heavy, we have witnessed the unfolding of some big changes and some of us are still in lockdowns. Today, we want to share with you a few ideas that allow you to experience nature anywhere and at any time.  

The small things

What do you have within reach? What can you access where you are at? Is it an indoor plant or some flowers from the supermarket? The grass in your backyard or a tree at the local park? It might not seem like much, especially if you are used to being on top of mountains, but we encourage you to fall in love with the smaller parts of nature. 

Slow down (See Laura's Blog Post 'How to slow down in nature') and feel your feet on the earth in your backyard. Eat your dinner outside, close your eyes and listen to the noises at your local park, or spend some time caring and watering your indoor plants. 

Rising and setting

The sun rises every day, regardless of what is happening in the world. It can feel great to gently align your routine with the sun, getting up as she rises, and slowing down as she sets. When we rise just before sunrise each day we will find the qualities of how our day unfolds are light, clear, energetic and expansive. Adding in this small ritual will allow you to align with nature daily. 

“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.”
― Jo Walton

Guided Meditation

Our imagination is a powerful tool to connect to nature even if we can’t physically be immersed in it. We have created a short guided meditation that will take you through one of Laura’s favourite places in nature, Tasmania. You will hear local birds, the wind moving through the trees and the gentle rustle of the leaves. 

Nature is also within you

To live with nature every day, we need to become more connected internally, to our own true nature. Listening to what is needed, having space to place more attention on the subtle essence of ourselves. This is where meditation also comes in. By listening to our short guided meditations or learning from a teacher, you are being taught how to access an unbounded nature within you, that is available at all times.

Remember, the feeling of oneness and nature is within you and can be accessed wherever you are.

'Experiencing nature anywhere'  is part two of a four-part series from Laura Tilley of the Half-Between. 

Head to our IGTV @zorali to watch guided meditations by Laura.