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Your Instagram showcases a beautiful blend of outdoor adventures and family life. How has being a mother influenced your decision to raise your child in nature, and what lessons do you hope they'll learn from these experiences?

Growing up, I've always found solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. Becoming a mother only deepened my appreciation for nature and its profound impact on a child's development.

From the moment my little one entered the world, I knew I wanted to share with them the same sense of awe and wonder that I feel when surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. From the very first weeks of my son's life, I've cherished the moments of baby wearing while tending to our vegetable and flower garden together.

Now, two years later, we continue to embrace the wonders of nature together with exploration play, riding bikes, eating meals outside, bird watching and bush crafts. It's clear to me: our greatest joy is found outdoors.

Nature sparks adventure, provides sensory experiences, promotes growth, calms the nervous system, and fosters a profound connection to the environment. I truly wish for my son to take these life lessons to integrate into his later life.

We've seen glimpses of your renovated bus home on your Instagram. Can you tell us more about your journey of turning it into a cosy living space and how it has enhanced your family's connection to nature?

Self converting our tiny home/ retired school bus from complete scratch has been one of our greatest accomplishments. A nearly two-year journey—a labour of love that began while we were expecting our first baby.

Transforming the bus into our home was no small feat, with every nail, every coat of paint, and every design decision infused with passion. Our goal was clear: to craft a reliable living space that would bring us closer to nature and facilitate a lifestyle aligned with our deepest desires.

Throughout the process, we dreamed of mornings waking up to the sound of birdsong and afternoons spent collecting wood and cuddling around a fire. Now, as we settle into our tiny haven, we find that our connection to nature has deepened in ways we never imagined.

Surrounded by the elements, we've become attuned to the rhythms of the natural world, finding joy and solace in the simplicity of outdoor living. Our tiny home isn't just a shelter; it's a sanctuary—a testament to our commitment to living harmoniously with the earth and embracing the boundless beauty it offers.

Watch Kailey & her other half transform their school bus into their new home.

Renovating a bus into a home while also caring for a one-year-old must have been quite the adventure! Can you share how you managed the balance between parenting and renovation tasks, and what lessons did you learn about teamwork and resilience during this time?

The majority of the bus home was complete by the time our son arrived. We were working on it right up until the final weeks—our compost toilet setup wasn't even functioning until about three weeks before his birth. It was challenging, but we were determined to get most of the build done beforehand so we could relax and savour the postpartum period together.

After Omi was born, there were still a few tasks left, which often involved Kesh finishing up while I cared for our newborn. We had to accept slowing down, let go of any expectations about the bus's appearance, and instead be grateful for how much progress we'd made, trusting that it would all come together in its own time.

Living off-grid in a bus must present unique challenges and rewards. What have been some of the most memorable moments or lessons you've learned from this lifestyle, and how has it shaped your approach to motherhood?

Living as a family in our stationary bus is the life we've chosen, filled with adventure and freedom, yet it comes with its own unique challenges.

I'd say the biggest challenge we've encountered so far is the compact space, which, while cosy, can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially on rare days when we're confined indoors due to weather conditions. Nevertheless, these moments serve as a reminder of the importance of minimalism in our lives. We’ve found a decluttered home means a happier mind. Since embracing this lifestyle, we've learned firsthand the value of paring down our belongings.

We're very selective about what we buy and bring into our space, prioritising only the items that truly enhance our lives. We've also established a ritual of organising and decluttering, continuously donating items that no longer serve us, embracing a simpler, clutter-free, and more intentional way of living.

Your photos often feature your little one engaging in outdoor activities. How do you incorporate nature into his daily routine, and what benefits do you see from it?

Aww yes, we spend a good portion of our days outdoors together. It's a routine that's naturally evolved since transitioning to bus life and having limited indoor space.

Every day, we make it a point to tend to our vegetable garden as a family. It's not just about growing food; it's fantastic sensory play for our little one and a valuable lesson in understanding where our food comes from. We water the plants together, weed the garden, say hello to the insects, prune branches and harvest flowers and vegetables.

It's incredible to see how much he has absorbed and learnt simply by observing us over the past two years. Another simple activity we cherish as a family, especially as we’re coming into winter is collecting sticks for our outdoor and indoor fireplaces.

It gets our little one actively engaged in exploring the outdoors and fosters interactive bonding among us.

Can you share some tips or advice for other families looking to incorporate more outdoor time into their lives?

Having fun outdoors with kids doesn't have to be complicated. It's all about keeping it simple and remembering that extravagant setups aren't necessary for them to enjoy the benefits of being outside.

From collecting colourful leaves to glueing them into notebooks later, to kicking a ball around or building sandcastles, and even going for a leisurely walk to spot birds, there are countless ways to engage with nature.

The key is to keep it fun, interactive, and accessible, allowing children to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world in their own unique way.

Looking ahead to Mother's Day and beyond, what are your hopes and dreams for your family's future adventures and experiences in nature, and how do you plan to celebrate this special day with your loved ones?

Aw, I love this question. One of the biggest dreams would be to bring more children into this world for our little one to have siblings to play and make outdoor memories with.

Another big dream of ours would be yet another renovation project, either a caravan or van fit-out to travel and explore Australia together as a family. There's truly no better way to explore our beautiful country and all its essence than by road and in the elements. Such a dream of ours!

And Mother's Day this year will be something relaxing and simple. No doubt, a day out as a family at our favourite freshwater swimming hole, with a big picnic basket in hand filled with all the yummy treats.