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All Products Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee

All Products Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee

Carbon Positive + B-Corp Certified®

Carbon Positive + B-Corp Certified®


Thank you for walking with us.

Words by the founders Cam & Elise Greenwood

When Elise and I started Zorali, we knew we were embarking on a bold adventure. Our own peak to climb. We knew there would be gullies and floods, switchbacks and backtracks, foggy trails and clear days. We’d be lying if we said we ever saw a global pandemic coming. But if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the call of the great outdoors is ringing louder, stronger and more persistently than ever before. We’re still fulfilling our mission to get the world outside. We hope you’re getting opportunities to get out there. And we thank you for backing and packing us on this humble quest.

Zorali 2021 in a nutshell.

Pandemic aside, our second year of Zorali-ing has been a time of great positivity: for our business, for our planet and for our community. Here are some highlights:

Positivity for our planet
- Via our partnership with Eden Projects, we planted 244,100 trees.- Via our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we donated over 1% of our revenue.- And as a Climate Neutral brand, we’re offsetting all of our emissions via a range of initiatives.

Positivity for our community
- We launched our ambassador program, Zorali Ramblers – a free-thinking, free-wheeling community of creatives, creators and outside-the-boxers with one thing in common: a passion for life outdoors. Our Ramblers promote upcoming products and receive rewards for inspiring others to answer nature’s call.
- We began mapping out a range of events to suit the extraordinary diversity of our Zorali People. Keep your ears out for our meetups and hikes in 2022.

Learning as we grow:

The Zorali community is the backbone of our success, and the substance of our character defines us. Here are some key learnings from a year of business and personal growth:

The Zorali community is our rock.

We’ve built Zorali upon the solid rock of a strong community filled with thousands of true fans and advocates. As costs rose across the supply chain, raw materials, manufacturing, shipping – you name it – our community has enabled us to grow significantly through one of the hardest years e-commerce brands have ever had to navigate.

Refining our vision for the future.  

These past 12 months, we’ve developed an obsession for getting deep with the details – staying focussed like freshly wiped binoculars on our key metrics and drivers. This enables us to spot areas for refinement and improvement as we continue our upward journey towards the Zorali we want to be. 

Substance is the (not so) secret ingredient of our success.

For some brands, selling products for profit is mission enough. But we’re reaching for something more meaningful. At Zorali, we’re committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. Doing things differently is part of our DNA. And as we continue to grow, one of our keys to success will be our ability to embrace the things that make us, us.

Looking to the horizon: 2022

As the world opens up around us, the Zorali mission to get the world outside feels more critical than ever. As Elise and I (along with Koda the Adventure Dog, naturally) explore more ways to find connection – in nature and with our community – we’re inspired to embark on the next phase of our Zorali journey. Thanks for sharing the trail. And hopefully, we’ll be catching you wherever the journey calls.Cam and Elise GreenwoodCo-Founders & Nature Lovers behind Zorali