Score a FREE GIFT When You Spend Over $250

Score a FREE GIFT When You Spend Over $250



We’re on a mission to get the world outside.

To help you breathe in the air, breathe out the fear, and have fun exploring our greatest playground. We believe that’s the secret to the good life.

At Zorali, we want to show you just how close that good life can be. Frankly, it’s right outside your door. The outdoors. They’re wild and they’re free. Not a challenge to be conquered, but a teammate welcoming you to the field.

Get out there. Breathe in so deep that your chest grows. Heart and lungs. Bring your mates. Or don’t. Because the only thing you actually need is an open mind. Oh, and water. And snacks. Maybe a jumper. That’s it though, we swear. 

Our treehouse is built on three pillars.

We’re committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. And to keep us on (hiking) track, we stand by three core values:

1. People: in the spirit of symbiosis, we consider the people we work with our greatest value. And make sure everybody’s needs can be met in equal measure. No exclusions. No rain checks.

2. Planet: it’s a bit of a big deal. Everything we do, in business and in design, we do while wearing a sustainability hat. Not to brag, but we wear it well. Nice and snug. Hat jokes aside, we promise to keep pushing for change, challenging ourselves to do better, and learning everything we can along the way.

3. Product: some of the finest designs we’ve ever seen have come straight outta the earth (have you seeeeen an old Mountain Ash?). And we’re inspired to make products that are equally good-looking, and long-lasting. Made by people who are the best at what they do.

We’re so keen to welcome more outdoor enthusiasts into our treehouse. It’s fun here. And we have muesli bars. Come on in and join our #ZoraliPeople family.

See you out there, play mate.