Our Philosophy

We believe that everything in the natural world is divine and that same divine spark lives in each of us. That we all share the same source as the soil, ocean and stars. We believe we’re called into nature to leave behind our own thoughts and worries to reconnect with the voice and grandeur of this divine creation. We believe in campfires, starry nights, good laughs, exploration, a deep sleep and an early rise. Whether it’s on a beach, in a forest wilderness or on a mountain top, we believe these wild places are the end of striving and the beginning of rest. We believe it’s here in the stillness of nature, where the divine speaks ever so loudly to us. Giving us strength and direction, peace and love. We believe nothing brings people together like the great outdoors. That there is something special about a shared experience outside that sparks true human connection. We believe #thejourneycalls.