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All Products Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee

All Products Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee

Carbon Positive + B-Corp Certified®

Carbon Positive + B-Corp Certified®


Key Materials

Our love for the wild compels us to protect and raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our planet. We understand business activity is part of the problem. So we commit to a lifetime of learning, working to continually improve our business practices and methods.

Zorali_key Materials

 Nature our constant source of inspiration here at Zorali. And this extends to our material choices. Where possible, we use organic and eco-synthetic materials across our ranges. Materials like hemp and organic cotton are our go to. Where these aren't sufficient for the products purpose, we draw on expert opinion to provide specific solutions to unique challenges.

Zorali Key Materials

 For us, it's about creating products that you'll feel good in, and good about, that stand up to the rigours of life's adventures, while keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible. 

Zorali key materials

Our Key Materials:


Hemp is one of our favourites, not just because it's natural and has a rad look and feel, but because it's cultivated with a super low impact on the environment. It’s one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, so it's super-strong, yet still soft on your skin with a nice drape to it. Like a fine wine, it gets better with time, becoming softer with every wear. 
It has environmental advantages, too. Hemp regenerates in months, helps maintain clean water and air, anchors and aerates the soil, produces oxygen, and consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - what wonderful qualities! 

Organic Cotton

Our cotton is different because it’s organic, minimising environmental impact by removing the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in the production process. We love it because it’s softer, kind to your skin and so much gentler on the planet compared to conventional cotton. 

Australian Merino Wool

100% natural and super cosy too. It's exceptionally soft, naturally breathable and warm even when wet. Best of all it naturally controls odor and stretches as you move. This is a sustainable fabric we love and is as luxe feeling as it is long-lasting. 

1000D Cordura®

The Cordura brand provides long-lasting performance fabrics based on the belief that, "Sustainability begins with products that last". Now going strong for more than 50 years, you could say no performance fabric is as proven, across so many applications as 1000D Cordura. We love it for it's enduring resilience, yielding hand feel and it's up for anything confidence. 

Primaloft® Insulation

Warm, compressible and super-soft comfort with an environmental conscience, this ultrafine fibre has been developed to be water resistant so your insulation stays dry and maintains its insulating properties. It also mimics the compressibility and softness of goose down and is breathable, allowing moisture vapor to be transported through the fibers and away from the skin. 

 Zorali packaging

Better Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in protecting our product during transport and reducing product waste through damage. We recognise it has a major impact on our environment.

We are working hard to minimise this impact by reducing and reusing packaging where possible, and increasing and investing in using materials that are renewable, recycled, recyclable, compostable and sustainably certified.

We have already made some great changes and our focus is to continue removing plastic packaging from our entire supply chain.