10 Trees zorali

With every product you purchase, you will be planting 10 trees in areas affected by severe deforestation, revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities through our project partners Eden Projects.

All trees are planted by a team of local workers to provide vital employment - rejuvenating their world and the wonderful planet we all call home. 

These projects are outworked in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique.

Our love for the wild compels us to build a sustainable business. 

We're committed to developing ways of reducing our environmental footprint, so investing in tree planting for each product sold is our way of offsetting our carbon use and paying it back to the planet. 

Why trees?

Planting trees is now one of the best ways to tackle rising temperatures and climate change. 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which means they can help to stop rising temperatures around the world. They also keep soil moist and reduce the risk of flooding.

By working with Eden Projects, we're able to achieve multiple outcomes that go well beyond the tree planting:


Forest Project