Preloved and wonderfully imperfect – just like you.
At Zorali, we’re committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. We’re inspired to make products that are as good-looking and long-lasting as nature’s greatest designs. As with everything made by humans, for humans, occasionally there’s bungles, errors, mind-changes and exclusive never-to-be-repeated 100%-original stuff-ups.

Impeccably imperfect

A second chance for items as impeccably imperfect as ourselves.
Our Second Wind Program keeps perfectly functional yet OG imperfect items out of landfill. That’s where 85% of all textiles produced end up every year, so it’s a small thing we can do to help with a monolithic problem.
That’s where you come in, you wondrously imperfect human, you. Buy via our Second Wind Program, and you get original gear, big discounts, and the feel-good vibes of keeping clothing out of landfill. Expect missing labels, wonky stitches, misprints, and otherwise functional gear that still deserves its time in the sun. Every imperfection is listed in the description, so there are no surprises.

Pre-beloved & sample stock

Release underused items from their hangers and into the wild.
It’s okay to break up with your clothing. Recycle your Zorali items with us before they gather moths deep in your wardrobe, and you can cash in credit on gear that’s right for this season.
How it works for recyclers:
Bring us your pre-beloved Zorali gear that’s still in top condition, and we’ll reward you with a credit of up to $100 to use with us. 
How it works for buyers:
All samples and preloved items are tagged with price and condition.
Excellent: Fully functional, either brand new or lightly used. Think: samples, returned items, and our famous gear from photoshoots.
Good: Fully functional with slight signs of wear. Think: factory defects, preloved and lightly used, and gear from outdoor photoshoots.
Fair: Signs of wear or slight loss of functionality (but totally not ready to be decommissioned). Think: the odd scrape, dent and defective bit – just like the best of us.