Meet the Founders Zorali

 Every dream starts somewhere. Ours simply came from a deep love for the wild and a desire to see people break free from the busy world to experience the fullness life offers.

This shared love for the wild brought us together in late 2017. From what started with a smile, quickly turned into a first date at Torquay beach in Victoria, Australia. After hanging out that first weekend, we knew we were destined to adventure together. Five months later we were engaged and literally on top of the world

Shortly after, Elise left her job to pursue our dreams. I remember when asking Elise if she was sure she wanted to leave the comfort of her job (which she loved) for the unknown path of where we felt called towards... She just simply looked at me and said, “we weren’t created to be comfy,” probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard someone say 😏ha!

Our Story

We've found on this path of wild unknowns, we haven't arrived at a place where it starts becoming easy. It's a real journey, but when we have made the space to really listen to (and trust) our inner compass, we've found peace amongst the great unknowns of our path - this overwhelming sense that something greater is guiding us.

So here we are, this dream we have been working on since our first days together is finally out in the real world. It's been overwhelming seeing all the love and support come in for Zorali. Especially from all of our Vision Builders who got behind our big David vs Goliath story, which ultimately brought us to where we are today. 

We definitely don't have it all together and there is still so much unknown on the journey ahead. But we've learnt to find rest and joy in not knowing the full picture - because it's a journey - and there’s no beauty without mystery.

Ultimately, we believe life is made to be enjoyed with each other - which is why we believe so deeply in what we're building with Zorali. Because we believe that by stepping outside and making a decision to leave the busy world behind, we not only reconnect with nature but with the ones around us as well.

It's our desire that by simply experiencing the lifestyle of Zorali, you can reconnect with nature and rediscover a part of your humanity. 

We'd love to hear more about you, where you’re going with Zorali and more importantly, who you’re becoming. So feel free to email us with any stories, photos, ideas, thoughts etc, at 

With love and anticipation of the journey ahead of us,

Cam and Elise Greenwood