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Three Learnings From Our First Three Years

Words by Co-Founders Cam and Elise Greenwood

Today marks three years since we launched Zorali.

It’s been an amazing journey, and it’s days like these where we're reminded to stop and celebrate how far we have come... Seriously, it's been one wild ride.

Growing (like the trees) is one of our most important values at Zorali, so in the spirit of growth, here are three learnings that has enabled us to navigate our path with steadiness and direction. 

Learning #1: Everyone's leap looks different; make yours, not someone else's.

Before we started Zorali, it's fair to say most people thought our plans and ideas were a little crazy. I remember asking Elise how she felt about leaving the comfort of her job for the unknown path ahead of us. Elise just simply looked at me and said, “Cam, we weren’t created to be comfy.” Those 6 words gave us the inspiration we needed to disrupt our comfort and enter the Zorali story. It’s almost like we had to leap into the dream — into the discomfort and the fear — otherwise, the dream was never going to happen. 

Takeaway: Everyone's leap looks different; make yours, not someone else's. Comparison and living to others' expectations of you will rob you of what life has to offer.

Learning #2: Learn to listen to the truest voice

A key theme across the past three years has been discerning which voices are true and worthy of guiding us. We've found that often the loudest voices in our minds are filled with fear and worry. If we had let these voices guide us, our dreams for Zorali would not have been realised.

Donald miller says it best, “Fear isn’t only a guide to keep us safe; it’s also a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life … the great stories go to those who don’t give in to fear.”

Takeaway: Don't allow the voice of fear to stand in the way of the life you imagine. Instead, learn to move in step with the truest voice. Because everything you want in life - purpose, meaning, significance, fulfillment - will come to pass by learning to listen to voices that are filled with possibility.

Learning #3: Find something worth aiming for.

A major key to our success has been through finding clarity on what it is that we are actually aiming for - and learning how to communicate that within our team and to our wider community.

This is key because vision produces passion. And passion inspires action.

At Zorali, we're aiming to create a world more people are outdoors, more often, collectively answering nature’s call – to find connection, restoration, and calm. That's our vision. That's our true north. That's our flag on the mountain we are moving towards.

Takeaway: Passion is the great energiser behind any dream. When you're lacking energy or motivation, it's likely you're walking aimlessly through life with no clear direction or purpose. So to elevate yourself onto the path of your truest ambitions, find something worth aiming for. The key is to replace what you've settled for with what you've been longing for and allow it to guide you like a compass.

Thank you for supporting Zorali throughout our first 3 years.

We’re enormously grateful to have you walking with us and we hope the Zorali story inspires you to explore your own ambitions further. #thejourneycalls 😉

Here's to whatever is around the next corner.

— Zorali co-founders Cam, Elise and Koda the Adventure Dog