We are Zorali.

The Spirited outdoor brand built with Outdoor Enthusiasts like you in mind.

We’re on a mission to Get the World Outside, because we believe Time Spent in Nature — exploring and having fun with friends — is the pathway to a healthy and happy life. 

When you pause to wonder and stand in awe, that’s when the real magic happens. You learn that happiness comes from something greater than yourself. You learn all good things are wild and free. And you find yourself enjoying that full chested feeling of a happy and inspired heart. 

We’re freeing the outdoor lifestyle from the push to conquer the extremes and bringing back the spirit of play. This isn’t about reaching the destination first, it’s about simply being outside and enjoying the journey with friends.

And that’s what we’re all about — enjoying life’s journey and doing it well. We’re committed to becoming a leading and sustainable resource for the outdoor lifestyle. To keep us on track, we stand by our three core values.

People — Everything we see in nature revolves around relationship, and we find purpose in this same expression. We place value and love on the people we work and connect with, and we support equality and human rights for everyone.

Planet — Our love for nature compels us to protect our planet. We design our products and operate our business through a lens of sustainability and commit to a lifetime of learning to continually minimise environmental impact.

Product — The excellent design we see in nature inspires us to create quality products that are built to last. We work with people who value best-in-class quality, human rights and sustainability in order to achieve this vision.

Ultimately, we’re passionate about building a vibrant community of Outdoor Enthusiasts who believe in the power of nature. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to join our #ZoraliPeople family.

See you outside friend,


Oh but wait, what does Zorali mean?

There is no question that being in nature reduces stress in our bodies. What this means is that we are far less likely to be anxious and fearful in nature, and thereby we can be more open to the fullness life offers us.

With this belief in mind, we created the word Zorali to reflect the positive emotions we experience in nature, meaning “fearless and full of life”.

Dig it? We do too…