Zorali was born from the spirit of adventure, a love for the wild and a vision to see generations of people draw closer to nature, themselves and each other.

While you'll find us designing our products on the rugged coastline of Southern Victoria, Australia, you'll find our heart in our closer-knit community of like minded lovers of the wild — all across the world.

We create outdoor gear and apparel, that are built to last, focussing on timeless design and functionality while providing comfort and inspiration for our community to reconnect with nature. It's our desire for you to break free from the busy world of urgent activity and renew your spirit in the wonder and beauty of the wild.


We believe in the power of words. That's why we decided to create a word that stood for the lifestyle wish to see people walk into. 

Zorali means "Fearless and Full of Life", our heart for every person we meet along our path. 


Our icon is a symbol of the mountains and the sun. Its primary purpose is to evoke the thought of ‘the journey’. We're convinced there is not one person on this planet destined for a stale life - that everyone has a unique journey they were born to explore and enjoy. We all need the refreshment of nature, as well as deep connections with the ones around us to sustain us for the journey ahead. 


Zorali was founded on the rugged coastline of Southern Victoria, Australia. We live here, we work here, and we connect with nature here. We relish the Australian way of life - camping, road trips, exploring the High Country, searching the coast for waves, it's a playground down here. This lifestyle is at the core of our identity. 


Our love for the wild compels us to take a sustainable approach to business - from design to development. So we make every decision with the best in mind for the people who craft our products and the wonderful world we call home.

We're committed to developing ways of reducing our environmental footprint, so we also invest in reforestation projects, planting 10 trees for each product you purchase in areas affected by severe deforestation through our project partners Eden Projects.

Sustainability is a journey, but we're committed to a lifetime of learning about how we can make progress with each step we take to a more sustainable future.


We're more than a brand, we're a global community. Connected by our passion for life, our love for nature, and the pioneering spirit that runs wildly through our veins. 

We wish to do this journey together, with people who connect with our vision, because a journey shared is so much richer.

We'd love to hear more about you, where you’re going with Zorali and more importantly, who you’re becoming. So feel free to email us with any stories, photos and thoughts to hello@zorali.com.