The world today - A Letter From The Founders


Dear #ZoraliPeople,

it’s been a challenging start to the year and our thoughts are with those struggling with any aspect of their physical and mental health.

The anxious days we’re living in only strengthens our passion to see people create space to encounter peace. For us, that peace is found in the stillness of nature — away from the chaos of the noise filled world around us.

So we’re going to keep advocating for the restorative benefits of nature. We’re going to keep promoting our favourite places to explore in this wonderful country we call home. And we’re going to keep putting one foot in front of the other to see our vision for 2020 and beyond become a reality.

All business is hard. But for startups, it’s life on edge at the best of times. Events like the bush fires or the current COVID-19 virus can literally end everything. This is just how it is. Life isn’t easy all the time. But it wouldn’t be an adventure without some storms. And we applaud and will be supporting everyone who are pursuing their own journey, regardless of the unknown times we are all living in.

Stay strong, support the people (& businesses) close to your heart and most importantly take a stand against the spirit of fear that’s invading so many people’s hearts and homes in this time.

Stay safe & we will see you outside, #ZoraliPeople.

Love Cam & Elise ️ #BetterTogether