The Stories We Live

Words by Cam Greenwood

Most of the time, the stories we live don't go the way we originally planned. And it feels like we get stuck in the middle somewhere. I think that's why most people give up.

They get to the middle and discover it's harder than they thought. They can't see where they are going and wonder if all their effort is even moving them forward. So they leave and look for an easier story.

But's that not the point of a story. It's never about making your exact dream become your exact reality. It's never about the ending. It's about you, the character, being transformed by the challenges you face and overcome in the middle.

I've learnt this over the past few years and I'm so grateful for it. The first venture I started, Monsta Surf was ultimately forced to shut down by a multinational corporation, which was clearly not my original plan... The whole thing cost a lot money, heartache and some serious stress.

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But learning to deal with big boy things like legal battles and understanding life ain't always fair - has been so healthy for my soul. It's changed the way I look at the journey of life but most of all, it’s changed me.

It’s changed how I look at life and the stories we live. Because I use to think when life takes a wrong turn it was a setback, but know I know it's just all part of the greater plan.

Here’s why: The legal challenge we faced was clearly a negative turn in the story. But more than that, it was in inciting incident that caused me to jump into the unknown and the fear of starting over, otherwise it would have been the end of the story.

In this process, my world opened up with new opportunities, new ideas, new dreams, new visions and best of all, I met my now wife (and co-creator in Zorali), Elise in the process. So looking back, I guess you could say I’m pretty grateful for the Monsters 🤢that once scared me.

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It was ambitious to think we could get past the roadblocks in our way. It was ambitious to think we could start again. It was ambitious for Elise to leave her dream job to pursue our dreams together. It was ambitious to crowd-fund our launch. It was ambitious to create Outdoor Gear. But our ambition turned the story around and propelled us into our future.

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It makes me wonder what our lives would look like if we all embraced this idea - that great stories are made up of negative and positive turns. I think it’s safe to say we would all live a better story, not just for us but for the world. We wouldn’t give up so easy when we encounter roadblocks along the path. And maybe the bold and brave stories we live would show others to live great stories too.

That’s our hope for Zorali and that’s why we created a word that stood for the stories we wish to see people step into…

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Ultimately, I believe we are all part of a greater story. The stories we live don’t end with us. The will continue to be passed on and passed down. The will continue to work in the lives of those we reach through our love.

I find myself in this greater story. For me, it’s a story of love. I can feel it deep within. Like the whole purpose behind the universe is simply the expansion of love.

That’s why I love connecting with people. That’s what it’s all about for me — what we’re building through Zorali is simply a platform to connect and expand love for people and the planet across the world.

What will be the theme of your story?

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