The Journey is Calling


Words by @aubreyauue

A great story convinces the reader that certainly there is a connection between the two that is so profound that no one else could possibly understand it like they do. A great reader holds the perspective that there is a revelation throughout the narrative and not just in the finale. In the same way, there is a deeply personal narrative that each of us shares with our lives and the world around us. My friends and I like to call it ‘the journey’. The journey of our lives is always inviting us into more, but the challenge is whether or not to engage in the story in all its rawness and glory. The journey is finding that point of connection between our hearts and the world.


We could spend our lives working with our head down and waiting for something to happen to us. We could even come to terms with that. But the more I look up, the more I am aware that there is actually a call in which everything natural is crying out to us, ‘come adventure, there is so much to see!’ The earth is a magazine article, beckoning us with colours and mystery in the future, out into the unknown of it all. Each sunrise is an oil painting that I want to hang on the wall and marvel at. I believe we lose the adventure as soon as we lose our childlike sense of wonder for it. There is too much to see, feel and hope for, I cannot stay inside!

I am convinced there is not one person destined for a stale life. We are all made for the thrill of life, no matter if yours comes from the extremities or the little things. We need the refreshment of nature, as well as the deep connections that form during that journey.

In a world of distraction and distance, I crave salty air coming through my window frame and onto my face. I crave muddy feet and wet clothes after running in a lightning storm. I crave the fearlessness I feel when I’m falling from seven meters up into shimmery blue water.

The peak moments of my life will never be enough for me unless the end goal is simply to connect with all of the small moments leading up to that ending. 

Its only one step at a time that you can reach the view. Every little part equals the whole, so I never want to neglect the pieces. Maybe you aren’t a freak for nature. Maybe you can’t brag about the many tall mountains you’ve climbed. Neither can I. But I believe that no one is immune to the strikingly breathtakingly magnificent, exquisite and spectacular, vivacious wild world that surrounds us.