The Black Spur


By Elise Greenwood

The Black Spur is located in the Yarra Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne.

I have a confession — I grew up only a few hours from this spectacular forest and I only recently discovered it. Being from the coast, I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to nature walks, so never really considered that the outskirts of Melbourne offered such magnificence!

I’m not sure what was more breathtaking — the drive along the windy fern laden road or the towering straight trunks of the forest. This place took my breath away. We were fortunate to catch it on a misty morning, the sunlight bursting through the gaps and scattering on the cool under-storey green ferns below.

The best part, was stopping to smell the fragrance of the Australian bush and gaze up at the immense Mountain Ash trees.

Black Spur zorali-1.jpg
Black Spur zorali-1-2.jpg