Sustainability: A Three-Way Street

Sustainability: A Three-Way Street

Sustainability: A Three-Way Street

Sustainability: A Three-Way Street

Zorali is an Australian Outdoor Brand committed to being a leader on the path towards a sustainable, outdoor lifestyle. 

Here at Zorali, to keep us on track, we stand by our three core values revolving around people, the planet and our products. 

Supporting People

In the spirit of symbiosis, we consider the people we work with our greatest value. And make sure everybody’s needs can be met in equal measure. 

We ensure all the people in our supply chain are treated well, paid properly, and have a safe place to work.

By prioritising responsible partnerships, we practice honest business we're proud to stand by. 

Zorali's founders, Elise and Cam Greenwood visiting our partners in China.

Giving Back to the Planet

Protecting our business means protecting our planet first. We can’t have one without the other - and, call us greedy, but we really want them both. As nature is our inspiration, we focus our efforts on keeping it calm and wild.

A few ways in which we pay homage to our Earth include maintaining carbon neutrality, donating 1% of revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, while also planting 10 trees with every item sold. 

Creating Quality Products that Last

Ours is a simple mantra: creating products that stand the test of time. Things that remain steadfast on your journey through life. Fewer things, that can be used in endless ways, to work in any environment, for wherever your next adventure leads.

We’re inspired to make products that are equally good-looking, and long-lasting. Made by people who are the best at what they do.

While making products that are equally good-looking and long-lasting, we're also working towards product circularity. We’re working to close the 'loop' by providing resources to keep our products going ‘round and ‘round through repairs, resales, and recycling. 

Our commitment to keep pushing hard for the good of the planet is fierce. As we grow, we continue to expand our goals and grow our progress as we deepen our contribution.

Thank you, Zoralians, for partnering with us in our commitment to bettering the planet. 

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