No Beauty Without Mystery


Words by Cam Greenwood

I’ve found that living with a big vision of the future you wish to create brings some doubt and anxiety about the details of the how, when and where of it all — And the way we’re brought up in society hasn’t allowed us to live with these creative tensions — suggesting that we always need to have control over these things — so when we don’t, we stress!

It’s nice to have things under control... it’s nice to see the full view... and I think that’s why most people stay at their ‘control towers‘ in life. Unless you sense or know there is a much deeper river of life out there waiting for you to experience, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty hard to let go of the control!

But learning to live with the mystery, the unknown, the doubt — is one of the most rich and purposeful experiences Elise and I have had. I remember this time last year just before Elise left her job to pursue creating Zorali. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to leave the comfort of the job (that she loved!). She just simply looked at me and said, “we weren’t created to be comfy.” Probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard someone say  ha!

But I think that’s so real — because we don’t ever arrive at a place where this all comes easy — it’s a real journey — but I believe if you listen to the voice of encouragement deep within, and simply trust and believe that this inner voice is not your own but the voice of your designer/creator/divine encourager/God — you’ll find overwhelming peace amongst the unknowns of life — and you’ll be able to step into the fullness of the journey you were born to explore and enjoy.

Let go of the exhausting fight for control and find rest and joy in not knowing the full picture. Know that life is a journey — and there’s no beauty without mystery.