Highlands Sandals Review by Kirstin Simpson


Kirstin is a Podiatrist and Barefoot Enthusiast and recently put our Highlands Sandals to the test. Read her review, below:

As a barefoot advocate, these sandals are your ultimate go to!

The highlands boast a generous toe box, allowing for adequate toe splay and activation of those important intrinsic foot muscles.

The two adjustable fastenings on the top of the foot reduce toe scrunching, whilst the inner arch support contours your midfoot and prevents excessive calf strain.

The combination of an EVA foam midsole and durable TPR outer sole means your foot will stay cushioned and protected.

These sandals were put to the test across varied terrain and did not disappoint.  A big plus is the heel cup and padded heel strap to secure your rear foot in place."

Overall the highlands sandals stood up to the test, they are perfect for overseas travels, moderate hiking and casual wear. These bad boys will certainly be joining me on my next adventure.


Handy Tips:

Check your soles every few hours on big hikes to ensure no sharp objects are penetrating in between the lugs (grips).

For those with large boney prominences or spurs in the rear foot - avoid skin shearing at the straps by wearing your sandals prior to heading off on a hike. This will help you refine the velcro strap tightness needed, or simply wear a pair of suitable socks when out on your adventures.

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