What's in your backyard?

June 17, 2021

Photos and words courtesy of Rory Court

Finding stillness in the midst of uncertainty.

Growing up as a kid who spent their time exploring the Manitoban wilderness, I was ecstatic to lay my roots in the mountain ranges of British Columbia. If you know me, you know I am always looking for a way to spend every last minute outdoors connecting with nature. 

"...with everything in the "real" world shutting down it had never been more important to get outside into nature and keep my sanity." 


That sentiment never rang more true than it did when the pandemic hit, with everything in the "real" world shutting down it had never been more important to get outside into nature and keep my sanity. Luckily, I've chosen the right place to live during all this. Having the Coast Mountains of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains of the continental divide in my backyard has provided ample opportunity to connect with nature and find stillness through uncertainty. Whether that be on a backcountry ski touring trip in the winter or packing my Zorali Highlands tent on a through hike in the summer; I've never been more grateful to be outdoors.


In Canada, we are currently experiencing a shoulder season where there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, but none in the valleys. This makes for an awkward time that either requires you to only hike in the valley, or do a combination of hiking and skiing in the mountains. As a result, it is a great time to recharge by going car camping to numerous spots that do not sit front-of-mind during the hiking or skiing seasons. If you live near the Greater Vancouver Area in Canada, I encourage you to check out the Squamish Valley Forest Service Road. This place offers many recreation sites to set up camp and enjoy the sound and views of the river rushing by. Another great spot to car camp is off one of the many FSRs in the Fraser Valley.


Regardless of where you choose to camp this year, backcountry or frontcountry, please always respect the land by packing out what you pack in and leave the place cleaner than you left it. We want those who come after us to be able to enjoy it as we did and for nature to thrive unharmed. 


Happy adventuring this season!