Disconnect to Reconnect

Photos by Jacob Collings
Words by Laura Tilley

Laura Tilley is a Tasmanian based meditation teacher, lover of music, honest conversation and adventures.

We're made to connect. And technology makes it easy to do so. But what happens when our connections consume, rather than contribute to our well being?

Screens are consuming an increasing amount of our lives, and it’s important to disconnect to reconnect. When we disconnect from devices, screens, phones - anything that’s begging for our attention and we reconnect with real people, conversations and experiences like hiking, we start to see a shift and become more engaged and present in our lives. 

So, how do you disconnect? 

Offline time

There’s always something to snap or check, always Instagram to scroll and forever emails to be read. Technology has been great for so many purposes, but we also have to ask ourselves - when does it become too much? Research has shown that too much screen time links to an increase in depression, anxiety and light sleeping. We are constantly connected and screen time has gone through the roof.

It’s important to practice offline time, weekly and daily if you can. If you are up for a challenge - you could try and spend Sundays offline, and once you get the hang of that, not checking any social media before 12pm. There are many other ways to start the day without looking at your phone, as discussed in our previous post (link to experiencing nature) maybe you can watch the sunrise instead. 

Remember what life was like before instagram? Before iPhones? Facebook? We had no tagging, no algorithms - just us here and now. 

When we have these moments offline, you will notice we begin to naturally slow down.


When we close our eyes in meditation, we are disconnecting from the external tech filled world, to an internal true nature world. We disconnect to reconnect, to allow ourselves to show up more fully and more openly. Meditation develops a connection to who we are behind the labels, the Instagram bio, the filters and the noise. In this state, we create and connect with an environment that releases stress and builds a sustainable state of calm and we might not feel like checking our phone afterwards! Join us as we go offline this Sunday 19th Sept via @zorali IGTV.

'Disconnect to reconnect'  is part two of a four-part series from Laura Tilley of the Half-Between. 

Head to our IGTV @zorali to watch guided meditations by Laura.