An Honest Review - Highlands 2P Tent

Words & Photos by Daygin Prescott

Zorali are an Australian Outdoors brand. They have really struck the market with high quality and great value products for all forms of outdoor activities. Prior to my trip to New Zealand’s South Island at the start of the year, I reached out to the team at the Zorali to see if they’d be keen for some content. I got sent the Highlands 2P Tent to put through its paces.

I hiked the 6 day/ 100km Travers-Sabine Circuit in the Nelson Lakes National Park, camped up at Mueller Hut in Mt Cook/ Aoraki, and overnight-hiked in Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland. As well as a bunch of car-camping trips in between!

Here’s my overview of the tent!

First Impressions always count and… straight out of the box, you can feel quality and I knew this was going to be the one.

I will shamelessly admit to sleeping in my backyard a couple times…

I thought I'd share my experience regarding my 3 biggest things when looking for a hiking or carpacking tent - Comfort, Weatherproof(ness), Setup & Pack-down.

How many people enjoy getting saturated in their sleeping bags? Yeah me neither. I'm always on thats sceptical with stuff advertised as "Waterproof". Take my word for it, this tent won't let you down. I was recently in the backcountry of New Zealand during the massive floods that shut down Milford Sound, the Highlands 2P copped 3 days of relentless downpour and gale force winds and... it didn't budge! Certainly the first time I've been able to put full confidence in my gear.
As well, the tent pole design and multiple peg holes and guy ropes ensure that the tent is sturdy and holds up when you need it most.

Size, Shape, Vestibules, Storage
SIZE - I'll just say, if you're sub-giant, you'll happily sleep two people with room for your goods.
SHAPE - Ever slept in one of those pyramid type tents with two people? Both crammed in the corner, not enjoyable. The Highlands 2P provides more of a rectangular box design which give you the same height throughout the tent allowing for extra room, to get changed, move around or sort your gear and cook if weather isn't ideal.
VESTIBULES - double vestibules for dual access and added convenience
STORAGE - 8 pockets in the tent for all your goods, a hook overhead for your lamp or head torch. As well a plentiful room for storing your shoes or packs outside the tent but under the fly for protection from the weather or unwelcome wildlife. 

Setup and Pack-Down?

Hands down easiest tent I have ever setup / packed down, especially on my own. Forget about guy roping out and fidgeting with securing the tent and fly etc. Mostly freestanding, the Highlands 2P is a breeze to setup on any terrain. I set up atop the Sealy Range in Aoraki National Park on a rock slab and had no issues (imaging having to guy rope just to keep the tent up with no surface suitable for pegs?)

I carried the tent for 7 days straight on my back through a 100km alpine circuit, and I would gladly do it again.

Nailed this one guys!!!