As the first lovers of Zorali (did you know we only launched August, 2019?), you’re officially standing at the foot of the mountain with us as first full year of trading comes to a close. So thanks for being here. Thanks for the advice, ideas and encouragement both online and in person. And, of course, thanks for repping our gear.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to try Zorali out in the wild and share some big skies with your family and friends. If not, we’re sure the wait will be worth it. Because it turns out, nothing could’ve driven home the importance our mission – to get the world outside – quite like being locked down inside during a global pandemic.

Yep, it’s been a busy, exciting, confronting and challenging year. So, we’re taking a moment to raise our camp flasks and toast to what your support has helped us learn and achieved.


For our business
- We’ve partnered with world class manufacturers and, during our supply chain trip back in January, made lasting connections with some legendary local suppliers.
- We’ve shipped Zorali products across Australia and to nine countries across planet earth.
- We grew throughout the year, despite the covid-related delays and restrictions.
- We attracted thousands of new fans (friends) & followers, and inspired some lovely words in Broadsheet, Ethical Made Easy, Wild Mag and We Are Explorers.

For our planet
- Our partnership with Eden Projects saw over 100,000 new trees planted.
- Our partnership with 1% for the Planet, means we’ve committed to donating 1% of our revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural world.
- We launched our website’s sustainability section and shared our code of conduct, to ensure our values out there for all to see.

For the Zorali community
- We hosted three face-to-face (and one virtual) meetups with our Zorali community and you can expect more once restrictions ease (we’ll be keen to hear your stories from the wild, wild year its been).


- Sustainability isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint, it’s about running your business in a way that’s sustainable both economically and emotionally.
- Doing things differently is in the Zorali DNA, whether we’re launching in a style that hasn’t been seen before (again, many thanks to those who attended) or sourcing fabrics that aren’t widely used in the industry (yet) we’re all about embracing the things that make us, us.
- Reaching a milestone isn’t just about making it to a peak, it’s about taking the time to cool your bum on a mossy rock and celebrate the progress you’ve made along the way. We’re looking forward to doing much more of that with you at real-life events, when we can start catching up again in three dimensions.


- We’re all about sustainably building upon the foundations we set this year. And do that, we’ll invest in people power (the best kind, obviously) over the next 12 months to grow our small (but mighty) team.
- We’ll release some new products that we’re already really proud of and we’re sure you’ll love.
- We’ll dive further into our traceability program and provide greater production line transparency.
- We’ll launch more Zorali Experiences once restrictions ease (because, let’s be honest, your cosy camp fleece looks better when it’s not paired with moccasins).
- We'll launch a new initiative which we've been dreaming up since Zorali's inception 🤫


Every day Elise and I (and our puppy Koda) get and breathe some ocean air and work together alongside our wonderful team on something we truly believe in: the future of Zorali. We’ve already learned so much and we’re so excited to keep learning. We promise to never stop chasing big ideas, and never make the same mistake twice. So, again, from the bottoms of our hearts to the peaks of our recycled rain jackets, thanks for being a part of our very first year.

Cam Greenwood
Co-Founder / Chief Pioneer